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Mercer’s SEI Lab is engaged in a research project sponsored by the Gwinnett-Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the Time2Give Foundation to examine best practices in integrating agricultural education into K-12 curricula that focuses on the computer science, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and awareness of environmental issues.

Collaborating with school districts in Georgia and partner schools in the Dominican Republic, this project is focused on accomplishing three major objectives:

  • Examining best-practices for integrating AgSTEM Education into the curriculum at K-12 schools
  • Providing professional development for STEM educators related AgSTEM
  • Creating an international resource for best-practices in AgSTEM Education Analyzing policy and practices that will support STEM integration and community engagement in STEM

Mercer University AgSTEM Evaluation Report 2020 Educational Dynamix
Mercer University AgSTEM Executive Summary Evaluation 2020 Educational Dynamix


AgSTEM with Archer video series

The AgSTEM with Archer video series is a project designed for teachers in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Archer’s elementary, middle, and high school teachers engage in cross-curricular learning that supports grade-level academic standards while deepening student understanding of the science behind growing food.

AgSTEM with Archer episode 1

AgSTEM with Archer episode 2

AgSTEM with Archer episode 3

AgSTEM with Archer episode 4

AgSTEM curricula

Connecting AgSTEM to AKS

Social Entrepreneurship