Program Requirements

General Education: minimum 34 hours

Professional and Pedagogical Studies: 42 hours

EDUC 102B Field Component IB
EDUC 201 The Learning and Developing Child I
EDUC 201A Field Component IIA
EDUC 202 The Learning and Developing Child II
EDUC 202B Field Component IIB
EDUC 220 Foundations of Education
EDUC 283 Fundamentals of Special Education
EDUC 311 The Learning Environment I
EDUC 311A Field Component IIIA
EDUC 313 The Learning Environment II
EDUC 313B Field Component IIIB
EDUC 480 Field Component IVA
EDUC 496 Field Component IVB

Content Studies: 33 hours

EDUC 315 Curriculum Planning: 4 hours
EDUC 316 Collaboration
EDUC 317 Social and Cultural Studies
EDUC 320 Methods for Mathematics
EDUC 331 Methods for Science
EDUC 333 Curriculum-Based Assessment
EDUC 335 Language Arts and Literature*
EDUC 380 Teaching Effective Reading and Writing Methods*
EDUC 403 The Home, School, and Community Connection
EDUC 404 The Holistic Capstone: A Fine Arts Approach
EDUC 463 Literacy Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention*

*Reading Endorsement

Electives: 11 hours

Total Requirements: 120 hours