Mission and Vision


The mission of Mercer’s Tift College of Education is to prepare candidates to blend theory with practice, to think critically, and to interact effectively in a technologically complex, global society.

To accomplish this mission, the College offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs and educational services designed to meet the needs of diverse students and of the professional education community.

The following goals support the mission:

  • Reflect an understanding of education as a broad and lifelong process undergirded by the tradition of liberal learning
  • Provide and promote academic programs that will respond effectively to geographic, professional, and cultural communities
  • Cultivate a community of learning characterized by tolerance, compassion, mutual respect, and personal, social, and environmental responsibility
  • Provide an academic environment that enhances the ability of faculty to synthesize theory and practice
  • Develop a knowledge base and skills that enable students to interact effectively in a diverse, technologically-complex society
  • Create an environment for the development of critical thinking skills
  • Consider viewpoints other than one’s own, including viewpoints associated with other cultures and traditions
  • Commit to live as an engaged and informed citizen
  • Develop a respect for intellectual and religious freedom


The Tift College of Education envisions the preparation of effective teachers, educational leaders, and school counselors who are willing to grow and to change—to transform—continually throughout their careers, while also seeking to stimulate and facilitate transformation within their students. In short, the College of Education shares a vision that the most effective teachers, educational leaders, and school counselors are “Transforming Educators;” they seek not only to effect transformation within themselves, but also to link the student and the learning process and to transform the lives of all students.