Mission and Vision


The College of Education is a community committed to advancing the study of education and preparing educators to teach, learn, create, discover, empower, and serve, all aimed at a diverse society.


The College of Education will be a leader in:

  • Providing learning experiences that are innovative, equity-oriented, and transformative
  • Advancing knowledge in the field of education through research and scholarship
  • Serving and advocating for the profession and local and global communities

College Identity

Equity and inclusion are central to the ethos of the College of Education. We work to ensure that our practices and programs are free from bias and provide a means by which all can succeed. We strive to make the College of Education an inclusive community where all people feel welcome. The work of the College of Education is conducted in partnership with schools, government and non-profit agencies, businesses, and professional organizations. Through our many mutually beneficial partnerships, the College of Education prepares solid teachers and school leaders, investigates problems of practice, and recruits stellar students and colleagues. Excellence for the College of Education means performing at the highest level in everything we do. Pursuing excellence requires our commitment to student success, professional and community service, and scholarship that leads to improvements in understanding and practice.