Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Traditional Day Undergraduate Programs  Atlanta  Douglas  Henry  Macon  Newnan
B.S.Ed. Early Childhood/Special Education – The Holistic Child        X  
B.S.Ed. Middle Grades Education        X  
Bachelor of Music Education        X  
Secondary Education        X  


Evening Undergraduate Programs  Atlanta  Douglas  Henry  Macon  Newnan
B.S.Ed. Early Childhood/Special Education  X  X  X  X  
B.S.Ed. Middle Grades Education    X  X  X  
B.S.Ed. Early Learning and Development        X X X    


Undergraduate Non-degree Initial Certification Programs Atlanta   Douglas  Henry  Macon  Newnan
Early Childhood/Special Education  X  X  X  X  
Middle Grades Education    X  X  X  
Secondary Education        X  


Graduate Programs

Teacher Preparation Programs Atlanta Henry  Macon  Online/Hybrid
M.A.T. Early Childhood Education  X            X    
M.A.T. Middle Grades Education X      
M.A.T. Secondary Education X   X  
M.A.T. Secondary Education - STEM     X  
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education X     X
M.Ed. Middle Grades Education X      
M.Ed. Reading Specialist X      
M.Ed. Secondary Education X      
Ed.S. Early Childhood Education       X
Ed.S. Teacher Leadership       X
Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction       X


Educational Leadership Programs  Atlanta  Henry  Macon  Online/Hybrid
M.Ed. Educational Leadership (P-12) X X X  
M.Ed. Higher Education Leadership X   X  
M.Ed. Independent & Charter School Leadership X     X
Ed.S. Educational Leadership  X  X  X   
Ph.D. Educational Leadership       X


School Counseling Programs (Offered through Penfield College) Atlanta Henry  Macon  Online/Hybrid 
M.S. School Counseling   X      


Graduate Non-degree Certification Programs  Atlanta  Henry  Macon  Online/Hybrid
Early Childhood Education X      
Middle Grades Education X      
Secondary Education (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) X      
Educational Leadership  X  X  X  
Graduate Non-degree Endorsement Programs Atlanta Henry  Macon  Online/Hybrid 
 K-5 Science                      X
 K-5 Math                      X
 Reading                      X
 ESOL                      X
 Autism                      X