Courageous Conversations

Making positive change

Faculty members in Mercer University’s College of Education joined together in Summer 2020 amid the racial trauma and social unrest in America to create a safe space to support each other through the stress and pain and think about actionable steps that could make a difference

These conversations led to the College of Education hosting a free virtual conference called “Courageous Conversations,” which aimed to provide Pre K through 12 teachers with tools to engage their students and staff in discussions about racism.

During the event, conference participants divided into role-specific breakout sessions for early learning schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and building- and district-level leadership. These sessions focused on proactive strategies to help teachers, building- and district-level leaders, support staff, and board members engage their students and staff in courageous conversations to make their communities more anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally responsive.

Conference participants engaged in collaborative conversations and activities with Mercer faculty, as well as Pre K-12 public and private school educators, that will encourage all stakeholders in the school environment to be active, positive participants in supporting anti-racist teaching, learning, and leading during a time of social unrest.

“If we can create a culture of care where everybody’s thoughts, values and cares are represented, I think we’ll see a real difference in our society.” – Dr. Felicia Baiden

Education is an important foundation of society, and continuing to have courageous conversations will promote the social, emotional, psychological, and physical welfare of all students.

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