Program Requirements

M.A.T. Secondary Education Program Requirements

Foundational Courses (0-9 hours)

EMAT 526 Foundations of Education
EMAT 618 Child & Adolescent Development & Learning
EMAT 683 Teaching Exceptional Learners

Foundation courses may be waived with approved undergraduate or graduate equivalent classes.

Content Area and Methods Classes (18 hours)

EMAT 607 Planning & Organizing Instruction in Secondary Education
EDUC 625 Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
EMAT 642 Content Area Reading and Writing: Literacy Development for Middle Grades/Secondary Education
EMAT 623 Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary Education
EMAT 689 Educational Assessment and Research

Content Area Studies (Select one based on certification field)

EMAT 645 Teaching of English
EMAT 666 Teaching Mathematics in Middle Grades/Secondary Education
EMAT 672 Teaching Science in Middle Grades/Secondary Education
EMAT 682 Teaching Social Studies in Middle Grades/Secondary Education
EMAT 699 Special Topics in Education: Teaching [certification field] for Secondary Education

Field Experiences (13 hours)

EMAT 601 Initial Field Experience
EMAT 608/609 Professional Practicum/Mentored Practicum
EMAT 611/612 Student Teaching/Internship

Minimum degree requirements: 31 hours

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