Program Requirements

Ed.S. in The Accomplished Teacher Program Requirements

Professional Studies (15 semester hours)
EDUC 728 Socio-Political Influences in Education (3 hours)
EDUC 735 Trends and Issues in P-12 Education (1 hour)
EDUC 740 Connecting Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3 hours)
EDUC 742 Curriculum and Assessment for Students with Disabilities (3 hours)
EDUC 750 Advanced Seminar in P-12 Education (3 hours)

Electives (select 6 hours with advisor approval)
EDUC 755 Play-based Learning in Elementary Environments (3 hours)
EDUC 760 Advanced Professional and Ethical Practices in P-12 Education (3 hours)
EDUC 617 Classroom Management & Applied Learning Theory (3 hours)
EDUC 625 Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy (3 hours)
EDUC 639 Teaching Strategies and Classroom Environment for Active Learning (3 hours)
EDUC 690 Introduction to Educational Research (Fall only, prior to EDUC 735)
EDUC 677 Coaching Fundamentals (3 hours)*
EDUC 678 Advanced Coaching (3 hours)*
*Passing both EDUC 677 and EDUC 678 will lead to earning the Coaching Endorsement.

With advisor approval, students will select a 9-hour endorsement as part of their 30-hour degree program.

Total degree requirements: 30 hours

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