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Educational Leadership - Dr. Tommy Welch

Mercer University is built on achieving meaningful outcomes to change lives and impact communities around the world. As a leader in innovative, enriching curricula, Mercer prepares students to lead the way as visionaries in education by offering educational leadership programs designed to help educators cultivate their leadership potential.

Prepare to take on more responsibility within your school or district through one of our P–12 leadership programs, or open the door to new opportunities on your current campus and beyond through one of our higher education leadership programs.

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P–12 Leadership

Educational Leadership (P–12 Tier I)

Mercer's Master of Education (M.Ed.) and non-degree certification in Educational Leadership (P-12 Tier I) prepare candidates for entry-level leadership positions up to the assistant principal within school leadership, or a variety of district-level leadership positions that do not supervise principals.
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (P–12 Tier I)
Educational Leadership (Tier I) Non-Degree Certification

Educational Leadership (P–12 Tier II)

Mercer’s Tier II Specialist in Education and non-degree certification in Educational Leadership (P-12) are designed to meet the growing demand for highly-skilled school leaders in Georgia. Individuals will be prepared to take the next step in their professional development, while becoming transformational leaders in Georgia’s schools and communities.
Ed.S. in Educational Leadership (P–12 Tier II)
Educational Leadership (P–12 Tier II) Non-Degree Certification

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, P–12 School Leadership

The P-12 School Leadership track of Mercer's Ph.D. in Educational Leadership is designed for school, district, state, or national leaders and blends theory and practice to cultivate transforming leaders.

Ph.D. in Education Leadership, Independent School Leadership

The Independent School Leadership track of Mercer's Ph.D. in Educational Leadership prepares candidates to become leaders in independent schools by helping them grow in their ability to make decisions that propel both their students and their institutions forward.

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Higher Education Leadership

M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership

Mercer University’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Higher Education Leadership is designed for individuals who are seeking careers as directors, coordinators, managers, or supervisors in higher education at the mid-administration or mid-management level.

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Leadership

The Higher Education Leadership track of Mercer's Ph.D. in Educational Leadership is designed for college and university leaders and practitioners who wish to develop research-based leadership skills and aims to enhance and improve the effectiveness of public and private post-secondary leaders and researchers.