Program Requirements

General Education: 35 hours

Professional and Pedagogical Studies: 40 hours

EDUC 220 Foundations of Education
EDUC 283 Special Education
EDUC 356 Psychology and Development of the Adolescent Learner
EDUC 374 Integrated Methods and Curriculum for 6-12
EDUC 453 Disciplinary Literacy and Differentiation
EDUC 398 Field Experience I
EDUC 487 Assessment for Middle and Secondary
EDUC 399 Field Experience II
EDUC 441 Collaboration, Interdisciplinary Planning, and Special Education Methods
EDUC 485 Professional Practicum
EDUC 492 Student Teaching

Content Studies: 32 hours

Content Methods Course: EDUC 443 / 444
IST 126. Introduction to Information Science and Technology

IST 221. Introduction to Networks

IST 222. Introduction to Operating Systems

CYS 223. Cybersecurity Principles and Foundations

CSC 125. Introduction to Computing

CSC 204. Programming I

CSC 148. Introduction to Data Science

EGR 107. Introduction to Engineering Design

Electives: 13 hours

Total Requirements: 120 hours