Program Requirements

General Education: minimum 30 hours

Professional and Pedagogical Studies: 32 hours

EDUC 210 Instructional Technologies for Teaching and Learning
EDUC 220 Foundations of Education
EDUC 283 Fundamentals of Special Education
EDUC 356 Psychology and Development of the Adolescent Learner
EDUC 398 Fieldwork I
EDUC 399 Fieldwork II
EDUC 406 Classroom Management for MLE and SEC
EDUC 485 Professional Practicum
EDUC 492 Student Teaching

Content Studies: minimum 51 hours

EDUC 360 Introduction to Middle Level Schooling
EDUC 422 Teaching of Science for MLE AND EDUC 455 Teaching of Mathematics for MLE
EDUC 429 Teaching of Social Studies for MLE AND EDUC 466 Teaching of English/Language Arts for MLE
EDUC 460 Middle School Curriculum
EDUC 461 Middle Level Integrated Methods I: Processes
EDUC 462 Middle Level Integrated Methods II: Instruction and Assessment
EDUC 478 Teaching Literacy for MLE
Concentration I (5 courses)*
Concentration II (5 courses)*

*One course from each concentration (Language Arts and Social Studies, or Mathematics and Science) will overlap with General Education.

Electives: 7 hours

Total Degree Requirements: minimum 120 hours

Students completing the Middle Grades Education non-degree certification program are not required to complete General Education courses and one of the field experience courses.