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Ground has broken for the new multipurpose outdoor facility at Ingram-Pye Elementary School, supported by grants and donations from numerous organizations – one being Mercer University’s Tift College of Education. The facility will include a playground, ball field and community garden.
The Tift College of Education is dedicated to, and fully committed to positively impacting the growth and development of the Ingram-Pye children. In addition to supporting the new outdoor facility, Tift will also continue their book drive, which allows each Ingram-Pye student to receive two books for the Christmas holiday. Students and faculty have also partnered with the Mercer Police Department to introduce an anti-bullying program, and faculty will be conducting professional development for current teachers.
Tift College of Education/Bibb County School District Partnership
Tift College and the Bibb County School District began a professional development school partnership with Ingram-Pye during the 2013-2014 academic year in order to support professional and student learning through the use of an inquiry-based approach to teaching. That partnership continues this school year, as seniors in the Holistic Child Program participate in yearlong field placements at Ingram-Pye that will make candidates eligible for Georgia certification in early childhood/special education in the general curriculum.
According to standards from the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP), formerly the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), professional development schools are learning environments that support candidate and faculty development within the context of meeting all children’s needs, supported by partners who: are guided by a common vision of teaching and learning, which is grounded in research and practitioner knowledge; share responsibility for professionals and students by blending their expertise and resources to meet shared goals; develop new strategies, roles, and relationships to support their work; and are committed to providing equitable learning opportunities for all, and to preparing candidates and faculty to meet the needs of diverse student populations.
Goals of the partnership:
  1. Effective teaching and learning experiences that enhance student achievement.
  2. Mutual responsibility for the preparation of teacher candidates.
  3. Inquiry directed at the improvement of instructional practices.
  4. Professional growth opportunities for candidate and faculty development.
Tift's professional development school partnership model is based on the College's conceptual framework of curriculum, teaching and learning, and dispositions.

MEIA School Supplies at Ingram Pye

"On Monday, I was able to deliver over $700 worth of school supplies to Ingram Pye from MEIA.  The money was raised over the past 2 years through MEIA fundraisers.  Each grade level put in requests of supplies they wanted, and we were able to grant every wish they had.  Kindergarten and first grade wanted more generic supplies of tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer,  handwriting paper, construction paper, clorox wipes etc and 2nd -  5th grade each wanted their own electric pencil sharpener and we were able to get each classroom their own. " - Dr. Sybil Keesbury

Ingram Pye groundbreaking1

Tift College of Education students and the groundbreaking ceremony