Program Name 1 credit  3 credits  6 credits  9 credits  12 credits 
 Ph.D Educational Leadership (P-12 Track) $717 $2,151 $4,302 $6,453 $8,604

Facilities/Tech Fees:

Undergraduate Students

1-11 Hours - $12.50/hour
12-99 Hours - $150/semester

Graduate & Professional Students

1-8 Hours - $17.00/hour
9-99 Hours - $150/semester

Miscellaneous Fees (subject to change based on individual course requirements):

Internship/Practica - $200
Fieldwork - $150
Leadership Academy - $75
Lab Fee - $100 - 150/per course
Transcript Fee - $25
Transcript Fax Fee - $5

Student Insurance:

Health insurance premiums will be charged to all students enrolled in 3 or more hours based on age-banding.  Please review the new health insurance premiums online here.  Student accounts will be automatically assessed a premium each semester, but can be waived for those students who already have health insurance coverage through other sources.  Please note that in order for your waiver to be approved, your existing coverage must meet the minimum waiver requirements.                                                  

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