Program Profile

Educational Leadership Core (12 semester hours)
EDEL 800 Advanced Leadership Theory
EDEL 801 Organizational Theory and Behavior
EDEL 830 The Ethics of Leadership
EDEL 834 Research in Education Law

Professional Studies: P-12 School Leadership (21 semester hours)
EDEL 821 Policies, Politics & Cultural Aspects of School Leadership
EDEL 822 Collaborative Strategies: Strengthening Internal and External Relationships
EDEL 823 Human Motivation Leadership
EDEL 825 Learning and Cognition in Curriculum and Instruction
EDEL 831 Effective Human Resources Practices
EDEL 832 School Finance and Budgeting
EDUC 866 Educator Development in School and University Contexts

Ph.D. Research Block (15 semester hours)
EDUC 810 Foundations of Educational Research
EDUC 811 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods
EDUC 812 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
EDUC 813 Intermediate Quantitative Research Methods OR EDUC 814 Qualitative Research Design
EDUC 815 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods & Design OR EDUC 816 Advanced Qualitative Methods and Analysis

Elective (3 semester hours)
Student will submit proposal for elective, to be approved by program director, Associate Dean, and doctoral committee chair. Electives should be at the 700 level or above.

Dissertation Block (12 semester hours)
EDUC 809 Doctoral Seminar One: Scholarly Writing
EDUC 817 Doctoral Seminar Two: Survey of Literature
EDUC 837 Doctoral Seminar Three: Foundational Reading
EDUC 843 Doctoral Seminar Four: Proposal
EDUC 880 Dissertation
TOTAL: 63 Credit Hours

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