Secondary Education

M.A.T. Secondary Education


The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Secondary Education is intended for those who hold a bachelor's degree and are seeking initial certification at the master's level. Successful completion of the M.A.T. program of study and passing scores on the required GaPSC-approved Content Pedagogy Assessment and GACE Content Assessments lead to eligibility for Level 5 certification. Expanded secondary education certification fields in biology, chemistry, earth/space science, English, geography, history, mathematics, physics, political science, or trade and industrial education will prepare candidates to support students in grades 6-12 in the field of their choice. View a complete list of secondary education fields here.

The program is designed to offer a comprehensive study of the specialized skills needed to teach and support students in grades 6-12. The program offers a wide scope of course content that focuses on theoretical and pedagogical issues while incorporating research, assessment, and technology integration. Diverse field experiences throughout the program help to prepare teachers to support the diverse needs of students. 

The program is designed for: recent college graduates with degrees in fields other than education; re-careering professionals; paraprofessionals who have bachelor's degrees; teachers who hold non-renewable certificates and who want to earn Clear Renewable master's level certificate; and teacher candidates from a wide variety of academic majors who are interested in earning both initial certification and a master's level teaching certificate. 

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Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to: 

  • Understand the social, behavioral, emotional, cognitive and physical characteristics and needs of the adolescent 
  • Understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and how the learning environment can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of secondary education 
  • Design and implement an integrated, developmentally appropriate curriculum that considers the social, behavioral, emotional, cognitive and physical nature and needs of secondary students
  • Develop and implement a wide variety of formative and summative assessment strategies
  • Integrate research based strategies and instructional technology effectively into all components of the secondary school curriculum. 


Field experience is an integral part of the Teacher Preparation Program. Each candidate is expected to complete a sequentially planned series of field experiences in diverse settings, and meet cluster requirements of their individual program plan. (See program plans for specific number of field experiences and cluster requirement information.) Field experiences are coordinated through the Office of Field Placement.


The M.A.T. in Secondary Education is offered in a blended combination of online and on campus classes. The program enrolls students five times per year in August, October, January, March, and May on Mercer's Atlanta campus. Classes are delivered in 16-week semesters in the fall and spring, and in eight-week terms in the summer. Students are also required to participate in daytime field experiences. The 5th year M.A.T. in Secondary Education is offered on Mercer's Macon campus and admits students once per year in May.

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