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How do I get an Atlas account?

When you access Atlas videos through Canvas, your account will automatically created for you. You do not need to sign up for anything, or make any special requests.  

How do I access Atlas videos?

Your instructor will create access to the videos through your Canvas courses and assignments. If you are have having issues accessing Atlas videos, please see the troubleshooting information below.


(download this information pdf format)

Check your cookie settings

1. Make sure you are allowing third party cookies. We use a cookie to connect your Canvas session to your ATLAS session. If you don't allow third party cookies, we won't be able to connect your sessions and log you in. 

2. Make sure has been added to your allowed sites if you are strict about your cookie settings

You can refer to the links below for more information about managing cookies in different browsers. If you are unable to manage cookies, you may need to contact helpdesk support.

Manage Cookies in Chrome -

Manage Cookies in Firefox -

Manage Cookies in Safari -

Manage Cookies in IE -

Safari Login Issue

The Problem: I am using Safari and I can’t seem to login to the LTI Tool no matter what I do! I’ve even tried changing my password via reset password from email, and it still doesn’t work.

The Solution:

1. Check your cookie settings, and make sure you are allowing third party cookies. If you are strict about your cookie settings, you may need to whitelist

2. Close out of the LTI Tool

3. Open the Homepage in a new tab

4. Launch the LTI tool again

The Reason

Safari does a lot to protect your privacy, and ensure third parties aren’t tracking you without your consent. Because of this, Safari won’t allow third parties to set cookie information, if it looks like you haven’t visited the site recently. This means we can’t set an SSO cookie if you’ve recently cleared your history, are using Safari for the first time, or are using Safari on a new device. Opening the ATLAS Homepage will fix this problem, because it indicates to Safari that ATLAS is a site you use intentionally. Technical details can be found here:

How do I get an Atlas account?

Send an email request. You'll receive an invitation to your Mercer email. You'll need to click on the link in the invitation and finish the creation of your account before proceeding any further.

How do I create a group of videos to share with my students?

How do I link to my group of videos in Canvas?

Linking to Atlas from Canvas

My students are having issues accessing my Atlas videos in Canvas

Please refer your students to the student section above. The troubleshooting section addresses most issues that students will encounter.

Please reach out with any other questions or concerns.