Graduate Teacher Candidacy Admission

Non- degree, certificate and M.A.T. candidates will meet the same admission and progression criteria, and will be required to complete the same initial certification requirements. Candidates must submit a completed Application to Teacher Candidacy. (This application is separate from the application to the M.A.T. program.)

In order to be recommended for certification, an M.A.T. candidate must: 

  • Have successfully met all Progression Policy criteria.
  • Have a positive recommendation from student teaching or internship.
  • Have successfully completed all program/degree requirements.
  • Have successfully completed Portfolio requirements.
  • Have successfully passed the appropriate GACE Content test(s) and have submitted score reports to the appropriate Certification Office.
  • Have met all state requirements for certification.

Progression Policy 

  • In order for a candidate to continue in the M.A.T. program, he/she:
  • Must meet and maintain all requirements for full admission to the program.
  • Must earn a B or higher in all education courses.
  • May repeat only two education courses.
  • An education course may be repeated only one time. A certification candidate may not re-take an equivalent class at another college in order to replace a grade earned at Mercer.
  • Must have positive recommendations from each field experience in order to advance in the sequence of required field experiences. Field experience placements must meet all diversity of placement criteria.