Student Teaching/Internship

Teacher Candidates who are enrolled in the Elementary Education/Special Education, Middle Grades Education and Secondary Education programs will complete 3-4 field experiences.  Upon successful completion of the Pre-Practicum or Early Fieldwork experience and the Practicum experience, candidates will complete Student Teaching or Internship
EDUC 492/EMAT 611: Student Teaching provides a semester-long, full-day teaching experience for teacher candidates.  Candidates will be assigned to diverse public schools and will gradually assume all responsibility for the classroom to which they are assigned.  Student Teachers will participate in classroom teaching, observing, planning and evaluation conferences and other school-related experiences with guidance provided by the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor.  Specific requirements for Student Teaching can be found in the course syllabus.
EDUC 498/EMAT 612: Internship is designed for those students who are employed in an approved accredited school setting and who are teaching on a non-renewable teaching certificate.  The student completes the course requirements in the classroom where he or she is employed, under the mentorship of a Mercer supervisor.  Specific requirements for Internship can be found in the course syllabus.
Orientation attendance is mandatory for all students participating in Field Experience. Failure to attend orientation will prevent the student from taking the course.

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