Office of Field Placement


Holistic Child

Early Fieldwork/ Pre- Practicum

Professional Practicum/ Mentored Practicum

Student Teaching/Internship

EDUC 102B, EDUC 201A, EDUC 202B, EDUC 311A EDUC 313B, EDUC 480, EDUC 496

EDUC 398, EDUC 399, EMAT 601

EDUC 485, EDUC 488, EMAT 608, EMAT 609, EDEC 483, EDEC 484, EDEC 486

EDUC 492, EDUC 498, EMAT 611, EMAT 612, EDEC 492

Field experience is an integral part of the Teacher Preparation Program.  Each candidate is expected to complete field experiences in diverse settings and meet cluster requirements of their individual program plan. All Elementary Education candidates must have field experiences in the following grade clusters: PreK-K, 1-3, and 4-5. Field experiences are coordinated through the Office of Field Placement, and additional fees will be assessed for each field experience course. 
All Teacher Candidates are required to attend mandatory orientations pertaining to the particular field experience they are completing. Orientations are typically held just prior to the start dates for field experience.  Information regarding field experience orientations, seminars, and meetings will be published on the Tift College of Education Office of Field Placement website.  
If you have questions regarding your field experience orientations, you should contact the Office of Field Placement.

Kristin T. Doss

Director of Field Placement