Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Every year on the first Saturday in March, Mercer’s educational leadership students across all campuses come together to network and learn from experts in educational leadership. Cohorts from the M.Ed., Ed.S. and Ph.D. programs strengthen their network and continue building upon their knowledge in preparation of becoming transformational leaders in education through a series of workshops, sessions and panels. Students are also invited to share successes in research or practice with current cohorts of masters, specialist and doctoral students through a program proposal submission to join in the lineup of speakers this spring.

NOTE: Students enrolled in M.Ed., Ed.S. and Ph.D. educational leadership programs are required to attend this mandatory Leadership Academy meeting.

Leadership Academy is designed to expose candidates to diverse ideas and methods on topics that complement and enhance the learning experience both inside and out of the classroom. This event works to:

  • Expose students to empirical research on topics in P-12 and Higher Education
  • Offer opportunities for networking with key leaders and experts in education
  • Engage students in conversations about leadership and education’s role as leaders in a global community
  • Give students an opportunity to reflect upon their own experience and journey through the graduate program and to prepare for the next steps

Students attending the Leadership Academy will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Identifying issues in education and developing problem-solving skills
  • The educational leader’s role in the enhancement and continued development of society
  • Sound academic research for the purpose of conducting one’s own research 


The Leadership Academy is held on Mercer’s Atlanta campus. Sessions and panel discussions will be held between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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Below is a list of categories that reflect the objectives of the academy, as well as the three threads of the Tift College of Education’s Conceptual Framework: To Know, To Do, and To Be. Proposals should reflect one of the following categories:

To Know
What are the implications for different learning styles and what we know about learning? How can we develop and maintain learning communities?

To Do
What actions are leaders engaging in to implement change? What challenges hinder these actions and how can we address these challenges?

To Be
What different forms of leadership exist and what is needed to address the needs and the challenges our schools and institutions face today?

Higher Education Research
What current issues are being researched in Higher Education? How has research been used to benefit certain initiatives?

P-12 Research
What current issues are being researched in P-12 Education? How has research been used to benefit certain initiatives?

Social Justice in Education
Where is social justice thriving? Where is it lacking? What strategies have leaders used to tackle breaches of social justice?

Policy and Politics in Education
What current political issues affect all levels of education? In what ways can leaders respond?

Innovations in Educational Leadership
What cutting edge trends are unfolding in the arenas of P-12 and higher education?

Professional Development & Personal Journeys
What have seasoned educators accomplished, developed or experienced that can be shared with future leaders in education?




1. The call for programs is NOW CLOSED.

2. Selections will be based on the following criteria:

 a. Relevance to the theme and categories
 b. Completeness, detail, and professionalism of the proposal
 c. Evidence-based, promising and innovative programs/practices
 d. Engaging format and/or concepts

3. Sessions are given 55-minute time slots

4. Candidates are encouraged to submit multiple proposals, and co-presented sessions are encouraged.

For more information:
Dr. Pamela Larde

Associate Professor of Research & Education
Leadership Academy Program Coordinator