B.S. – University of South Carolina, Columbia, 2003 – Biology
M.A.T. – University of South Carolina, Columbia, 2007 – Secondary Science
Ph.D. – University of Georgia, 2014 – Science Education


Dr. Jurkiewicz joined the faculty of Mercer University in August 2016 as Assistant Professor of Science Education.  She previously held the same position at the University of Nevada, Reno and was a science educator at Woodmont High School in Greenville, SC.


Dr. Jurkiewicz has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in education.  She has taught science methods courses for elementary, middle, and secondary grade levels.  She also teaches courses on assessment, STEM methods, and adolescent development and learning theories.  She has served as a University Supervisor for secondary science teacher candidates.  Dr. Jurkiewicz’s teaching was recognized by her students and peers through the awarding of the 2016 Judith S. Bible Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Dr. Jurkiewicz has served as a committee member for several Ph.D. students at Mercer University.


Dr. Jurkiewicz conducts research that examines and informs science teacher knowledge and development.  In particular, she is interested in how teachers develop formative assessment knowledge and practices in science classrooms.  She has presented at several national/international conferences including the American Educational Research Association, the Association for Science Teacher Education, and the National Association of Research in Science Teaching.  She has also presented in local and regional conferences including the Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and the Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education Conference.  Dr. Jurkiewicz was awarded SEED Grant funding for two different projects through the Tift Scholarship and Innovation Fund.


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Dr. Jurkiewicz has provided service through helping run Mercer’s STEM MAT program and building partnerships with Middle GA high schools.  She has served as a mentor for new faculty and first generation students.  She maintains membership in several professional organizations and has served as a presider and conference proposal reviewer for organizations including the Association for Science Teacher Education and the National Association of Research in Science Teaching.  Dr. Jurkiewicz served as the ASTE conference co-chair for the 2016 International Meeting for the Association for Science Teacher Education.