B.M.E. – University of Kansas, 1980
B.H.S. – University of Florida, 1988
M.Ed. – University of Florida, 2002
Ph.D. – University of Florida, 2006


Dr. Carol Isaac is an assistant professor of research in the Department of Educational Leadership. Prior to joining Mercer University, she spent one year as a visiting scholar at the School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education at the University of Florida, and has studied at the Center for Women’s Health Research at the University of Wisconsin as a research associate and post-doctoral trainee. Dr. Isaac has previously worked at the North Florida Regional Medical Center for ten years. Dr. Isaac also currently serves as a researcher for Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science at the University of Florida.


Leadership and gender in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM), qualitative research methodology, mixed method designs and conceptualizing quantitative results using qualitative methods, and examining the role implicit bias plays in the career advancement of women in academic STEMM.


Dr. Isaac’s research interests include women and leadership in STEMM fields.  She also has interest in qualitative and mixed method methodology topics within different discourses. 


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2018-Present Tift College of Education Assessment Committee
2018 (July)              Qualitative Research Summer Intensive (QRSI) attendee, Chapel Hill, NC. Using social
media, software, mobile apps and other digital tools to support qualitative research
2018-Present Reviewer for American Journal of Sexuality Education
2017-Present Reviewer for Journal of Clinical and Translational Science
2016-2018 Library and Media committee for Tift College of Education
2016-Present Grade appeals committee for Tift College of Education
2016-Present Reviewer for Academic Medicine
2016-Present Reviewer for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America (PNAS)
2016-2017 Faculty Research and Writing Colloquium: Mercer University
2015-2016 Online Teaching Faculty Learning Community: Mercer University
2015-2016 Assessment Committee for the Tift College of Education
2015-Present Reviewer for Qualitative Research