Independent & Charter School Leadership

M.Ed. Independent & Charter School Leadership

The M.Ed. in Independent and Charter School Leadership provides a tailored opportunity for potential leaders to prepare themselves specifically to lead in the unique environments of independent and charter schools. The program is designed for current leaders or for those seeking advancement to a leadership position and for those who are seeking a career in the independent or charter school setting. This program does not lead to certification or certification upgrade.

The program prepares students to enter leadership positions in the independent and charter school environments, including principal, assistant principal, headmaster, or directors of various departments, including admissions and student services. Further, the program can serve as professional development for those individuals who are currently employed in leadership positions at an independent or charter school who may have a background in areas other than education and have a need to understand the unique challenges of education to build upon their experience in the business or nonprofit sectors.

Note: This program is no longer accepting applications for admission.


Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to: 

  • Implement policies and practices consistent with the school's vision and mission
  • Create an environment that fosters student growth in academic, social, emotional and spiritual realms
  • Promote ongoing collaboration among the school's governing board, administrative leadership, faculty, and staff
  • Establish a culture in which all stakeholders are challenged and inspired to give their best in pursuit of the school's goals
  • Generate sustainable funding sources by offering a marketable educational program
  • Develop and implement effective personnel practices that support administration, faculty and staff


The M.Ed. in Independent and Charter School Leadership program is offered at Mercer’s Atlanta campus, and students are admitted once per year for the Summer (May) term. The program is offered in a blended format–a combination of in-class and online coursework. In this model, students meet three weekends face-to-face on our Atlanta campus each term, with the rest of the coursework being delivered online. Online components of the program are supplemented by the use of the Canvas course management system and videoconferencing.


Each year on a Saturday in March, Mercer's Atlanta and Macon educational leadership students come together on the Atlanta campus to network and learn from experts in educational leadership. This includes cohorts from the M.Ed., Ed.S. and Ph.D. programs. The Academy includes breakout sessions to expose candidates to diverse ideas and methods on topics that complement and enhance the learning experience.