Program Profile

Professional Studies (33 hours)
EDEL 703 The Principalship
EDEL 704 The Superintendency
EDEL 825 Cognition and Learning in Curriculum and Instruction
EDEL 831 Effective Human Resources Practices
EDEL 832 School Finance and Budgeting
EDEL 675 Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Leadership
EDEL 697 School, Community and Society
EDEL 833 Facilitating Professional Learning and Development
EDEL 686 Strategies for Improving Low Performing Schools
EDEL 724 Performance-based Clinical Practice Internship I
EDEL 725 Performance-based Clinical Practice Internship II
TOTAL: 33 Credit Hours

Criteria for the Performance-based Specialist in Education Degree in Educational Leadership
The criteria for the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership is participation in all annual Leadership Academies during which candidates are enrolled, successful completion of all required coursework, and successful completion of the LiveText Portfolio, and 750 clock hours of job-embedded clinical practice.

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