Middle Grades Education

B.S.Ed. Middle Grades Education

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree, with a major in Middle Grades Education, is designed for individuals who wish to be certified to teach children from Middle Level grades. Successful completion of the program of study and passing scores on the appropriate GaPSC-approved Content Pedagogy Assessment and GACE Content Assessments lead to eligibility for Level 4 induction certification.

Students are prepared to become middle level educators who can effectively facilitate learning, while enabling the transformation of middle level students, a group of unique and diverse individuals transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Candidates in the Middle Level Education program are prepared in general studies, professional and pedagogical studies, and content studies, which include two subject area concentrations. Completion of this program qualifies candidates for Middle Grades Certification in the two areas of concentration which include:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies


Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to: 

  • Understand of the middle school philosophy and concept and knowledge of the characteristics of an effective middle school 
  • Understand of middle school students and the uniqueness and diversity (age, ability, gender, special needs, etc.) exhibited by that group of students, and the ability and skills to meet the needs of the diversity exhibited in today's middle schools. 
  • Effectively plan, organize, implement, and assess curricular models that meet the unique needs of middle level students
  • Effectively collaborate with families, community, and other partners


Field experience is an integral part of the Teacher Preparation Program. Each candidate is expected to complete a sequentially planned series of field experiences in diverse settings, and meet cluster requirements of their individual program plan. (See program plans for specific number of field experiences and cluster requirement information.) Field experiences are coordinated through the Office of Field Placement.


The B.S.Ed. program is offered at Mercer’s Douglas County and Henry County locations and students are admitted five times per year in August, October, January, March and May. The program is offered in a flexible format, which includes evening face-face classes that meet one evening a week; some course-work may be offered in a hybrid classroom or online format. Online coursework will be in Canvas, Mercer’s course management system. Students typically register for two courses per eight-week session. Students are also required to participate in field experiences, which are during the day.

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