Missing Livetext Courses

This page is for:

  • students who see the old LiveText interface (orange with no classes listed)
  • students who have the new interface and have been enrolled in classes in LiveText in a previous semester but don't have their classes listed for this semester
  • this process does NOT work for field experiences; if you are missing a field experience, contact the appropriate Office of Field Placement and have them request to have you added to your correct section in LiveText

This is usually because the LiveText account was bought after the student registered for their courses, or they incorrectly entered their MUID, or didn't enter it at all when they created their LiveText account.

To activate your classes, you need your 8 digit MUID and your LiveText username. Click on the link below and enter your information when prompted. Keep in mind that it could take 24-48 hours for your classes to appear in your LiveText interface. Please wait till this window of time expires before contacting support. Please see the Activate Missing Courses Guide for more information and detailed instructions.