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Sharon Murphy Augustine

Chair of Teacher Education - Macon
Chair of Regional Academic Centers
Associate Professor of Education
Program Director, Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship

Sharon Murphy Augustine


B.A., Agnes Scott College, 1990; M.Ed., Georgia College and State University, 1993; Ph.D., The University of Georgia, 2010.


Dr. Sharon Murphy Augustine is an associate professor in the Tift College of Education at Mercer University. She is the Program Director of the Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship and teaches a variety of literacy, theory, and writing courses in the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs.  Sharon has been in higher education for 12 years and taught high school English for nine years. She has published in the Journal of Teacher Education, English Education, English in Australia, The Teacher Educator, and Qualitative Inquiry.


Post-structural and socio-cultural theories of teaching and learning, adolescent literacy, writing pedagogy, qualitative research methods, and gender in education.


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