Program Profile

Professional and Pedagogical Studies — 32 hours
EDUC 220. Foundations of Education
EDUC 256. Adolescent Health & Development
EDUC 283. Fundamentals of Special Education
EDUC 357. Psychology of Learning
EDUC 398. Fieldwork I
EDUC 399. Fieldwork II
EDUC 485. Professional Practicum
EDUC 406. Classroom Management for MLE and SEC
EDUC 492. Student Teaching

Content Studies — 53 hours minimum
EDUC 210. Instructional Technologies for Teaching and Learning
EDUC 360. Introduction to Middle Level Schooling

Two Concentration Methods Courses, chosen from the following:
EDUC 422. Teaching of Science for MLE
EDUC 429. Teaching of Social Studies for MLE
 EDUC 455. Teaching of Mathematics for MLE
 EDUC 466. Teaching of English/Language Arts for MLE 

EDUC 460. Middle School Curriculum
EDUC 461. Middle Level Integrated Methods I: Processes
EDUC 462. Middle Level Integrated Methods II: Instruction & Assessment
EDUC 478. Teaching Literacy for MLE
Concentration I (6 courses)*
Concentration II (6 courses)*
*1 concentration course will overlap with general studies

TOTAL 128 hours minimum