Program Profile

Non-restricted Classes (may be taken prior to full admission)
EMAT 526 Foundations of Education 
EMAT 605 Planning and Organizing Instruction in ECE 
EMAT 619 Child Development & Learning 
EMAT 683 Teaching Exceptional Learners 

Restricted classes (require full admission)
Content Area Studies:
EDUC 654 Children’s Literature
EMAT 626 Creative Teaching & Learning in ECE
EMAT 634 ECE Language and Literacy I
EMAT 635 ECE Language and Literacy II
EMAT 665 Teaching of Mathematics in ECE
EMAT 671 Teaching of Science & Health in ECE 
EMAT 681 Social Studies in a Multicultural World for ECE 
EMAT 621 Curriculum and Planning in ECE

To be taken the semester prior to student teaching/internship:
EMAT 689 Educational Assessment and Research 

Field Experiences
EMAT 601 Initial Field Experience 
EMAT 608 Practicum or EMAT 609 Mentored Practicum 
EMAT 611 Student Teaching or EMAT 612 Internship 

TOTAL: 49 Credit Hours