Program Requirements

M.Ed. in Secondary Education Program Requirements

Professional Studies (15 hours)

EDUC 603 School Philosophy & Teacher Leadership
EDUC 617 Classroom Management & Applied Learning Theory
EDUC 625 Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
EDUC 657 Contemporary Curriculum Practices
EDUC 690 Intro to Educational Research (fall only; to be taken the fall prior to degree completion)

Content & Methods (15 hours in your content area/major)

Coaching Endorsement (6 hours)
EDUC 677 Coaching Fundamentals
EDUC 678 Advanced Coaching

Computer Science Endorsement (9 hours)
EDCM 610 Securely Navigating the Digital World
EDCM 611 Ubiquitous World of Programming
EDCM 612 Applications and Data Science

ESOL Endorsement (9 hours)
EDUC 618 Issues of Diversity
EDUC 662 Clinical Practicum
EDUC 646 Methods of Teaching ESOL

Gifted Endorsement (9 hours)
EGFT 611 Developing the Gifted Learner
EGFT 612 Teaching and Assessing the Gifted Learner
EGFT 613 Supporting the Gifted Learner

Online Teaching Endorsement (9 hours)
EDOT 651 Online Teaching Technology and Digital Citizenship
EDOT 652 Instructional Design, Diversity, and Accessibility in Online Teaching
EDOT 653 Assessment and Data Analysis in Online Teaching

Reading Endorsement (9 hours)
EDUC 668 Content Area Literacy & Research
EDEN 648 Applied English Linguistics
EDUC 647 Preventing, Diagnosing, and Correcting Literacy Problems

STEM Endorsement (9 hours)
ESTM 664 STEM Thinking
ESTM 668 Research & STEM Design
ESTM 674 Applied STEM & Field Experience

English Content
EDEN 649 Writing Workshop
EDEN 655 Young Adult Literature
EDEN 699 Special Topics in English

Mathematics Content
EDMT 601 Problem Solving in Mathematics: Elementary/Middle Grades/Secondary Education
EDMT 621 Algebra for the Middle Grades/Secondary Education Teacher
EDMT 631 Geometry for the Middle Grades/Secondary Education Teacher
EDMT 699 Special Topics in Mathematics

Science Content
EDSC 631 Topics of Environmental Science
EDSC 699 Special Topics in Science

Social Science Content
EDSS 601 Physical and Cultural Geography
EDSS 611 History of Georgia
EDSS 699 Special Topics in Social Science

Credit by prior learning assessment may be possible for up to six credit hours. For additional information, consult the University catalog.

Total degree requirements: 30 hours

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