Chalk and Wire

Chalk & Wire is a cloud-based, online e-portfolio system that allows students to engage in continuous improvement by acting on meaningful feedback in a real-time environment.  By providing a place for collection, analysis, reporting, sharing, and organizing student-learning data, Chalk & Wire provides a comprehensive, longitudinal view of individual student and aggregate performance.  It provides a workspace to facilitate collaborative reporting of program and university assessment data.  At the end of the program candidates will be able to store work in a professional, electronic portfolio that can be downloaded and shared with potential employers. This marketing tool will help promote a candidate’s educational and technological proficiencies.

Log into Chalk and Wire here

How do I purchase or renew my Chalk & Wire account?

My Cooperating Teacher needs an invitation email to access Chalk & Wire.

Access the Lost Invitation page:

Enter your Cooperating Teacher's email, and click Recover My Invitation.

I purchased the wrong Chalk & Wire product (renewal, subscription length, new subscription, etc.)

Contact the bookstore.

I've purchased Chalk & Wire, how will I receive my code?

The bookstore will email your code to you. If you have any questions about this process, you need to contact the bookstore.

I don't see my course in Chalk & Wire.

Students often need to create multiple portfolios. Also, you might have created the wrong portfolio, or might have changed programs. To create the correct portfolio and see the appropriate courses, follow these instructions.

I had a Chalk & Wire account with a different University, can I move my account to Tift?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to transfer your account between institutions. You will need to purchase a new Chalk & Wire account.

I'm a recent graduate, and I would like to share my Chalk & Wire portfolio with potential employers.

Here is a guide on how to share your portfolio

All new fully admitted students in the Tift College of Education will need to purchase a Chalk & Wire e-portfolio subscription at the beginning of the semester. Current fully admitted students with active Livetext accounts will be provided a Chalk & Wire portfolio subscription. The subscription will need to remain active for your entire program.

Your Chalk & Wire portfolio subscription code is available for purchase in person or online at the Mercer Bookstore. Renewal subscriptions are also available for purchase at the Mercer Bookstore. Subscription codes are non-refundable.

Purchasing Chalk & Wire from the Bookstore Online

Renew Chalk and Wire Account

  • You can login to your Chalk & Wire account using the login button on this page. Your instructor will inform you of the assignment that is designated as a key assessment for your portfolio.
  • If you are enrolled in a field placement, you will be able to access Chalk & Wire from the link emailed to your Mercer email account when your field placement was created.

Field Placement Info Image Example

You can access your field placements from your Chalk & Wire Dashboard. Click on your field placement.

Choose Field Placement Image Example

Technical Support