What is edTPA?

The edTPA is a performance-based effectiveness assessment for pre-service teachers that was designed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) with input from teachers and teacher educators. It is subject-specific and requires each teacher candidate to submit evidence such as lesson plans, video clips, student work samples, and extensive commentary to demonstrate an ability to effectively teach the chosen subject. These artifacts are then assessed by external evaluators who are P-12 teachers and those who prepare teacher candidates. Detailed rubrics measure the entry level teaching skills that are critical to effective instruction. edTPA is designed by educators to answer the question: "Is this new teacher ready for the job?"

Please be reminded that the minimum passing edTPA score for each handbook will increase by 3 points starting with submissions with the 2017-18 academic year.

The following table represents the GaPSC's decision on the edTPA passing scores:

  13 Rubric Fields
(65 Possible)
15 Rubric Fields
(75 Possible)
18 Rubric Fields
(90 Possible)
9/1/2017-8/31/2018 32 38 45

This increase in the passing standard will be effective for scores reported after September 7, 2017. Score reports dated September 7, 2017, or earlier, which includes the upcoming August submission date, will be held to the original passing standard.

The edTPA Submission and Reporting Dates are available here:http://www.edtpa.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_ScoreReportDates.html

edTPA Resources

All edTPA resources for Tift candidates and supervisors can be accessed through the Tift Online Field Experience System.

edTPA Coordinator

Dr. Rebecca Grunzke