Holistic Child

Teacher Candidates who are enrolled in The Holistic Child Program will complete the following field experience courses, along with other coursework:

Freshman Year

Spring Semester: EDUC 102B Field Component 1B (in conjunction with EDUC 102)

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester: EDUC 201A Field Component IIA (in conjunction with EDUC 201)
Spring Semester: EDUC 202B Field Component IIB (in conjunction with EDUC 202)

Junior Year

Fall Semester: EDUC 311A Field Component IIIA (in conjunction with EDUC 311)
Spring Semester: EDUC 313B Field Component IIIB (in conjunction with EDUC 313)

Senior Year 

Fall Semester: EDUC 480 Field Component IVA
Spring Semester: EDUC 496 Field Component IVB