November 5, 2019

Teacher Candidates,

Many of you may be attempting to complete Spring registration at this time and receiving error messages when trying to register for your field experience courses.  Please be advised that only the Office of Field Placement will be able to register students for field experience courses.  Please contact your advisor to add any additional co-requisites or curriculum course(s) that you may need.

It is not necessary to contact the Office of Field Placement and request that we register you for your field experience course. We will complete this process for all students who have applied during the application period and who are deemed eligible to participate in a field experience for the upcoming Semester.

November 1, 2019

Attention Teacher Candidates

The Spring Field Experience Calendar has been posted in TOFES and on the OFP website. Please review the calendar for details regarding orientations and other important information. Orientation attendance is mandatory, failure to attend orientation for a field experience will prevent a student from participating.  Make sure that you plan ahead.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Office of Field Placement. See you at orientation!

-Office of Field Placement

September 1, 2019

Dear Tift Students,

The application window for field placement is now open. Please submit all applications and additional paperwork to our office by September 20th.

How to apply

August 27, 2019

Attention Tift Students,

The office of field placement will begin accepting field experience applications for Spring 2020 starting September 1-September 20th. Please be aware that this will be the only time students can apply for field experience this upcoming spring.

How to Apply