Liberian student group pose
Liberian students pose for the camera.


Mercer University’s Mercer on Mission project to Liberia focuses on teaching kindergarten through sixth grade students at Ricks Institute, a school located 15 miles north of Monrovia in the Sub-Saharan Republic of Liberia. 
Tift College of Education students are assigned to classrooms to plan and teach with Ricks teachers. Teacher Leadership candidates mentor Ricks faculty and initial certification students, and assist in leading staff development seminars for both groups. 
Mercer intern with student in Liberia
Mercer University intern helps Liberian students in the classroom.
Students may also participate in school facility-related service projects, depending on needs at Ricks. Any selected project will give Mercer participants and Ricks faculty, staff and students a chance to work together. 
Mercer University political science student Mohammed Ma Dukuly previously attended the Ricks Institute, and credits both institutions for making a positive impact on his life and his future.
“My experience at Ricks Institute has helped me learn how to establish relationships, how to be kind and respectful, and to take personal responsibility,” says Mohammed. “At Ricks, serving and engaging with the community are important values that are instilled in students. Mercer University has continued to provide me with the tools that I can use to serve humanity.”
He also says his work ethic has strengthened and he is continuing to build relationships with professors and students that will benefit him in the future.
About Ricks Institute
Ricks was once the premier private K-12 school in the country, but was virtually destroyed during the nation's civil war from 1989 to 2003. The school continues to rebuild and currently has more than 650 students enrolled in kindergarten through high school.