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Sheila Thompson

Instructor of Early Learning and Development

Sheila Thompson


B.S. – Mercer University, 2010
M.Ed. – Mercer University, 2011


Mrs. Sheila Thompson has been an energetic early childcare professional for over 37 years.  During those years, she operated a licensed family childcare for 25 years.  For several years, she was an adjunct professor for Mercer University and Southern Crescent Technical College.  She has high expectation for herself and adult learners. As an alumni and instructor in Mercer University ELAD (Early Learning and Development) Birth-5yrs (B-5) program, she is exceptionally gratified to be an essential part of one of Georgia’s prominent programs. As an instructor, she gets the opportunity to witness adult learners reach extraordinary life goals. She also believes there is no gift greater than to literally view light bulbs going off with adult learners.  Being an instructor for this University has always been her passion because she enjoys teaching/teachers and it’s an honor to help adult learners reach their desired passion for life success.  This includes the ones that she directly teaches and the ones that will be taught by the teachers that she passes knowledge to.  It is also her belief and an ultimate goal as an educational facilitator to empower and inspire every student she encounters in a positive professional manner. She believes when adult learners experience an exemplar educational leader, he/she will be a greater impact in the today’s classrooms which will significantly benefit their academic success to achieve remarkable goals.


Mrs. Sheila Thompson serves as a facilitator of instruction for undergraduate students enrolled in the B-5 program.  She teaches courses in the areas of integrated curriculum, observation and assessment, program administration, positive guidance, learning through play and exploration, infants and toddler’s curriculum, and kindergarten language arts and reading.  Mrs. Thompson truly believe that great teachers have the potential to command significant changes that will benefit academic success for many children at a young age.  For this reason, she reviews and update the ELAD program to keep it competitive for potential B-5 students. Mrs. Thompson also research and evaluate quality child care facilities for successful field experiences.  Collaborating with early childhood educator’s/child development agencies is an essential part to her job performance.  She develops and maintain public relations including marketing and recruitment of students. Additionally, she serves as a university supervisor for ELAD students practicum experiences.


Mrs. Thompson interests are related to the development of curriculum to meet the needs of children Birth-5 years, improving the early care environment, and enhancing early care professionals.  Specifically, she is interested in curriculum that supports the success of disadvantaged children including culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogy.


Mrs. Sheila Thompson serves as an advocate in the early care education field, promoting quality care for young achievers so they can make marks that can not be erased. She is currently the committee chair for the Henry Campus Student’s Advisory Board.  Mrs. Thompson also serves on the Tift’s Assessment Team, Mercer Next (Technical College Task Force) and GaPSC Elementary Education Task Force, well as serves on two committees (Black Child Development Institute and By-Laws & Faculty Welfare).  Mrs. Thompson is continually enhancing her knowledge in the field by serving as a Professional Development Specialist for the Council For Professional Recognition, as a GA State Approved Trainer and a Consultant for childcare centers, directors, and teachers.  She is a member of two early care organizations NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and GAEYC (Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children).