B.S. - Southern Wesleyan University - Early Childhood/Elementary Education and Special Education with an emphasis in Learning Disabilities
M.Ed. - Wilmington University - Reading and Literacy
Ed.D. - Wilmington University - Innovation and Leadership


Dr. Vicki L. Luther is an associate professor in the Tift College of Education at Mercer University, where she teaches a variety of reading/literacy,. theory, and development courses.  Prior to beginning a career in higher education, she was an elementary classroom teacher.  Her research interests include early literacy skills and intervention, teaching children of poverty, co-teaching and inclusive practices, and induction and teacher retention.


Dr. Luther primarily teaches in the Holistic Child program, and her courses focus predominantly in reading and literacy, child development and learning, and curriculum planning.  She also serves as a university liaison in elementary school settings and is a university supervisor for teacher candidates during their clinical field placements.  In addition, she serves on dissertation committees for the Ph.D. program.  As a former elementary classroom teacher, Dr. Luther’s background is in both general and special education.

Courses Taught at Mercer University:
Language Arts and Literature; Teaching Reading; Reading Problems: Diagnosing and Remediating; Curriculum Planning; The Learning and Developing Child I and II; Holistic Child Field Components II-A, II-B, III-B, IV-A, and IV-B; Psychology of Learning; Nature of Learners with Special Needs; Content and Learning through the Language Arts; Holistic Child II (Foundations of Education)


Dr. Luther’s work has been published in regional, national, and international peer-reviewed journals.  In addition, she regularly presents research at national and international conferences.  Her goal is to link her teaching and scholarship together, and she is passionate about preparing pre-service teachers for the field of education, as well as giving supports to experienced educators.  Therefore, her research centers on addressing needs of both students, teachers, and leaders in the P-12 environment.


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Dr. Luther consistently provides service to professional organizations and government agencies, including the International Literacy Association, Georgia Professional Standards Commission, National Association for Professional Development Schools, and the Council for Learning Disabilities. She has served on planning committees for national conferences as well as in other capacities.  Dr. Luther also serves on various committees for the College of Education and Mercer University, and currently serves the community through a grant-funded literacy project.