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Sherah Betts Carr

Associate Professor of Education

Sherah Betts Carr


B.S. – Mansfield State University, 1972
M.S. – Florida State University, 1975
Ed.S. – Georgia State University, 1988
Ph.D. – Georgia State University, 1992


Dr. Sherah Carr has been an associate professor at Mercer University-Tift College of Education in since 2005. Prior to her employment at Mercer, she served as an adjunct faculty member. Dr. Carr works with graduate level students and teaches courses in the MAT, MEd and PhD programs.  Prior to her work in higher education, she worked in the educational arena for 29 years, teaching in numerous P-12 settings and serving in leadership positions. As well as teaching students, she has been a teacher of teachers leading a school professional learning program and presenting workshops for educators. Her areas of writing and research include formative assessment, application of cognitive apprenticeship, distributed cognition and culturally responsive professional learning. She co-authored a book on P-12 assessment issues with a Mercer doctoral student in 2017. She is the Team Leader for Mercer’s Professional Learning Project with four partner schools in the Dominican Republic.


Dr. Carr teaches in a variety of programs in the College of Education including MAT Elementary, MEd Elementary, EdS Leadership and PhD Curriculum and Instruction. Her courses cover topics related to curriculum and instruction, professional learning, learning theories and instructional leadership.


Dr. Carr’s scholarly interests focus on applications of a cognitive apprenticeship framework for graduate students’ learning, particularly in doctoral education. Her research and writing have also included work on formative assessment, distributed cognition, and culturally responsive professional learning in international settings.


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Dr. Carr serves in numerous service activities including committee participation within the College of Education. Her most active area of service is as the team leader for Mercer’s international project with eight partner schools in the Dominican Republic.

Team Leader for Mercer’s Professional Learning Project in the Dominican Republic
Chair of MAT Elementary Program
Co-chair of MEd Elementary Program
Member of Tift’s Tenure and Promotion Committee
Member of Tift’s Faculty Welfare Committee