B.S. Mississippi College, 1982; M.A. Louisiana State University; Ed.D. The University of Georgia, 1994.


Dr. Jane West is an associate professor for the Tift College of education and has been a Mercer University member since 2009. She teaches graduate courses in literacy for preservice and practicing teachers. Her teaching experience spans 30 years, with experience in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and university settings. Her scholarly interests include children’s literature and response-based pedagogies, and social aspects of literacy learning, and her SoTL work on raising the quality of elementary teachers’ writing. Dr. West has published her research in Educational Researcher, Reading and Writing Quarterly, Qualitative Inquiry, Language Arts, and has been a book reviewer for The Reading Teacher, The New Advocate, and The Reading Teacher, as well as a contributor of biographical entries for The Continuum Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature (Cullinan & Person, 2001).


Teachers’ development as writers, doctoral education, qualitative research methodology, scholarship of teaching and learning, children’s literature and transactional theory, language arts and workshop-based pedagogies, social aspects of literacy learning.


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Invited Contributions

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Conference Proceedings

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