Tiff College of Education

Transient and Transfer Students

Transient Students

Transient students are those students who are pursuing a degree and/or certification in a teacher education program at another college or university but who wish to enroll in a course offered by Mercer's Teacher Education Program. Specific policies and guidelines are outlined in the Mercer University Catalog. Transient students must have a transient permission form issued by their college and signed by their advisor on file in the Admissions Office of Mercer and must bring a copy of this form to registration. A transient student will not be assigned an advisor at Mercer.

Mercer students who wish to take courses at another college or university must follow the guidelines and policies outlined in the University Catalog. Permission for transient credit must be approved by the appropriate Chair for any course required by the student's Teacher Education Program.

Transfer Students

Undergraduate transfer degree seeking or non-degree seeking students who wish to enter the Teacher Education Program must meet all criteria for full Admission to Teacher Candidacy as outlined. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours in education course work at Mercer plus Practicum before they will be considered as candidates for student teaching.