Program Profile

General Education Requirements: 30 hours

Professional and Pedagogical Studies: 48 hours
EDUC 205 Preparing the Early Childhood Environment
EDUC 210 Instructional Technologies to Improve Teaching and Learning
EDUC 211 Construction of Scientific and Mathematical Thinking
EDUC 220 Foundations of Education
EDUC 226 Health, Nutrition, and Safety
EDUC 283 Fundamentals of Special Education
EDUC 378 Children’s Literature
EDEC 230 Learning Through Play and Exploration
EDEC 240 Inquiry-Based Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
EDEC 300 Integrated Curriculum: Preschool through Kindergarten
EDEC 310 Emergent Literacy in Young Children
EDEC 360 Positive Guidance for Young Children
EDEC 405 Classroom Management for Early Learning and Development
EDEC 422 STEM and the Youngest Learner
EDEC 410 Kindergarten Language Arts and Reading
EDEC 420 Kindergarten Numeracy, Spatial Sense, and Measurement               

Child Development Studies: 13 hours
EDUC 257 Psychology and Development of the Learner
EDEC 330 Creative Arts for Young Children
EDEC 210 Characteristics of Typical and Atypical Early Childhood Development
EDEC 483 Child Development Practicum       
Observation and Assessment Studies: 10 hours
EDEC 370 Observation and Assessment of Young Children
EDEC 400 Classroom Strategies and Interventions for Young Children
EDEC 486 Observation and Assessment Practicum   
Child Care Administration Studies: 10 hours
EDEC 350 Program Administration in Diverse Settings
EDEC 403 Building Home, Early Learning, and Community Partnerships in Early Learning and Development Settings
EDEC 484 Child Care Administration Practicum
Professional Development Seminars: 3 hours
EDEC 364 Professional Development Seminar I – ELAD
EDEC 365 Professional Development Seminar II – ELAD
EDEC 464 Professional Development Seminar III – ELAD

Approved Electives: 6 hours              
TOTAL: 120 semester hours