Program Profile

Ph.D. Core (24 Semester Hours)
EDEL 800- Advanced Leadership Theory
EDEL 801- Organizational Theory and Behavior
EDEL 820- Literature Review of Current Issues in Educational Leadership
EDEL 830- The Ethics of Leadership
EDEL 898- Dissertation I 
EDEL 899- Dissertation II 
Ph.D. Research Block (15 Semester Hours)
EDEL 810- Seminar in Research Methodology
EDEL 811- Quantitative Research Methodology
EDEL 812- Qualitative Research Methodology
EDEL 813- Advanced Inferential Statistics
EDEL 814- Advanced Qualitative Research
Professional Studies (24 Semester Hours)
EDEL 821- Policies, Politics, and Cultural Aspects of School Leadership
EDEL 822- Collaborative Strategies: Strengthening Internal and External Relationships
EDEL 823- Human Motivation Leadership
EDEL 824- Legal Research and Analysis
EDEL 825- Learning and Cognition in Curriculum and Instruction
EDEL 831- Effective Human Resource Practices
EDEL 832- School Finance and Budgeting
EDEL 833- Facilitating Professional Learning and Development
TOTAL: 63 Credit Hours

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