Program Profile

Professional Studies (15 semester hours)
EDUC 603 School Philosophy & Teacher Leadership
EDUC 616 Classroom Management & Applied Learning Theory for MGE/SEC
EDUC 625 Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
EDUC 653 Contemporary Curriculum Practices for SEC
EDUC 690 Intro to Educational Research

Content & Methods (15 semester hours)
EDUC 688 Content Area Literacy Research & Best Practices in MGE/SEC

(Select 9 semester hours from the appropriate content area below.)

EDUC 647 Prev, Diag, & Correcting/Literacy Problems 
EDEN 649 Writing Workshop
EDEN 655 Young Adult Literature
EDEN 656 Teaching of a Major Literary Figure or Form
EDEN 699 Special Topics in English 

EDMT 601 Problem Solving in Mathematics: ECE/MGE/SEC
EDMT 611 Theory of Arithmetic
EDMT 621 Algebra for the MGE/SEC Teacher
EDMT 631 Geometry for the MGE/SEC Teacher
EDMT 641 Discrete Math for MGE/SEC Teacher
EDMT 668 Workshop in Math Education
EDMT 699 Special Topics in Mathematics

EDSC 612 Life Science for Middle and Secondary Teachers
EDSC 631 Topics of Environmental Science
EDSC 641 Geology for Teachers
EDSC 651 Physical Science for Teachers
EDUC 673 Investigative Science
EDSC 699 Special Topics in Science

Social Science
EDSS 601 Physical and Cultural Geography
EDSS 611 History of Georgia
EDUC 618 Issues of Diversity: Language, Cognition, & Culture
EDUC 685 The Global Age
EDSS 699 Special Topics in Social Science

TOTAL: 30 Credit Hours