Reading Specialist

M.Ed. Reading Specialist

The 30-semester hour M.Ed. Reading Specialist is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of currently certified educators in grades P-12. Completion of the planned program (including the prerequisite Level 4 certificate) and a passing score on the GACE Content Assessment for Reading leads to eligibility for master's level (Level 5) certification in Reading by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. 

The major goal of the program is to enable candidates to develop knowledge, skills, and strategies and to become collaborators/mediators in improving literacy performance for all students. At this advanced level, teachers are expected to expand on knowledge gleaned from the initial preparation coursework in reading and to develop skills and strategies based on current research to be competent reading teachers.


Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to: 

  • Understand research-based knowledge of language acquisition, reading processes, and theories of reading development 
  • Understand the roles of phonological and phonemic awareness and word-analysis skills in promoting reading development
  • Develop and implement effective curriculum to promote reading development
  • Interpret and communicate reading assessment information


Students are admitted three times a year for the Fall (August), Spring (January) and Summer (May) terms. The 16-month program is offered on the Atlanta campus in an in-class, face-to-face format. Students attend class on a year-round calendar. Each class is delivered in 16-week semesters.