Program Profile

Program Coursework (30 hours) 
EDEL 601 Introduction to Higher Education
EDEL 602 Student Affairs
EDEL 604 Leadership Theory
EDEL 609 Internship
EDEL 610 Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
EDEL 611 Legal Issues in Higher Education
EDEL 614 Leadership in Intercollegiate Athletics
EDEL 616 Finance in Higher Education
EDEL 618 Cultural Perspectives in Higher Education
EDEL 695 Educational Research
TOTAL: 30 Credit Hours
An applicant’s career goals will be reviewed by a committee of program faculty. The committee’s assessment of the degree to which candidates’ goals match program objectives, will be considered in conjunction with the other admissions requirements to determine admission. Applicants who have completed graduate work in a related field at an accredited institution may apply to transfer 3 semester hours. A committee of program faculty will review and decided upon applications to transfer hours on a case-by-case basis.

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