Program Profile

Atlanta Campus

Foundational Classes
EMAT 526: Foundations of Education
EMAT 607: Planning and Organizing Instruction in SEC
EMAT 618: Child & Adolescent Development & Learning
EMAT 683: Teaching Exceptional Learners

Content Area and Methods Classes
EDUC 625: Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
EMAT 642: Content Area Reading & Writing: Literacy Development for MGE/SEC
To be taken prior to student teaching/internship:
EMAT 689: Educational Assessment and Research
EMAT 623: Curriculum & Instruction for SEC

Content Area Methods Class (Select one):

EMAT 645: Teaching English
EMAT 666: Teaching Mathematics in MGE & SEC
EMAT 672: Teaching Science in MGE & SEC
EMAT 682: Teaching Social Studies in MGE & SEC

Note: Additional content requirements may be applicable based on transcript evaluation

Field Experiences
EMAT 601: Initial Field Experience 
EMAT 608: Practicum or EMAT 609: Mentored Practicum (3 credits, fall or spring only; candidates must take prior to EMAT 611/612.)
EMAT 611: Student Teaching or EMAT 612: Internship (9 credits, fall or spring only; pre-requisites: all of the above classes.)

Total hours required for the degree: minimum of 31-36 hours 

Macon Campus

Summer I
EDUC 220 Foundations of Education
EDUC 283 Introduction to Special Education
EMAT 620 Adolescent Development & Learning
EMAT 624 Curriculum, Instruction, & Planning for SEC (co-requisite with EMAT
EMAT 601 Initial Field Placement (co-requisite with EMAT 624)
EMAT 642 Content Area Reading: Literacy Development for MGE/SEC
EMAT 608 Professional Practicum or EMAT 609 Mentored Practicum
One of the following methods classes based on field of certification:
EMAT 645 Teaching of English
EMAT 666 Teaching Math in MGE/SEC
EMAT 682 Teaching Social Science
EMAT 672 Teaching Science for MGE/SEC
All of the above courses must be completed with a B or better prior to student
EMAT 611 Student Teaching or EMAT 612 Internship
Summer II
EMAT 689 Educational Assessment and Research
EDUC 625 Culturally & Educationally Responsive Pedagogy
EDUC 618 Issues of Diversity: Language, Cognition, & Culture

Total hours required for the degree: minimum of 31-36 hours