Program Profile

Foundational Classes
EMAT 526: Foundations of Education 
EMAT 618: Child & Adolescent Development & Learning
EMAT 683: Teaching Exceptional Learners

Methods Classes
EMAT 604: Planning & Creative Dimensions of Instruction in ECE
EMAT 621: Curriculum & Instruction in ECE (prerequisite or corequisitie: 6 of the content area classes)

Content Area Classes
EMAT 636: Essential Elements of Early Childhood Literacy
EMAT 637: Creating an Early Childhood Literate Environment
EMAT 667: Teaching Mathematics in ECE: Number Sense and Operations
EMAT 668: Teaching Mathematics in ECE: Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis
EMAT 671: Teaching of Science and Health in ECE
EMAT 681: Social Studies in a Multicultural World for ECE

Field Experiences
EMAT 601: Initial Field Experience/Pre-Practicum
EMAT 608: Practicum or EMAT 609 Mentored Practicum 
EMAT 611: Student Teaching or EMAT 612 Internship 

TOTAL: 37 Credit Hours

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